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The Purest and Healthiest Pool Water You Can Get!
This is the ONLY Residential Pool UV system PROVEN to sanitize and disinfect beyond U.S. Drinking Water standards!
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Only PURITY TEK Gives You A Truly Safe And Clean Swimming Experience.
Twice as clean as drinking water, without the harmful side effects from chlorine, salt or ozone.
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The Purity UVC is the ONLY disinfecting and sanitizing system in the world that purifies swimming pool water to drinking water standards and beyond.
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The superior design of Purity UVC produces DRAMATICALLY better “kill rates,” in less time, using less energy.
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Twice As Clean As Drinking Water
With less maintenance, no side effects, and a lower cost of ownership than any other system.
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The Purity UVC System
Up to 400 times cleaner than competing UV and Ozone systems.

Installation and Owners Instructional Videos and PDF’s

System Overview and Installation Instructions

This is the most powerful and lowest cost of ownership residential pool UV system available in North America. It is the ONLY one capable of inactivating every harmful micro-organism found in pools, spas and splash pads; including those that are resistant to chlorine.

Electrical Box and Wiring

Wiring instructions for the Purity UVC model PUV80G residential pool UV system.

Mounting and Plumbing

Instructions for mounting and plumbing the Purity UVC model PUV80G residential pool UV system.

Lamp Installation

Instructions for installing lamps on the Purity UVC model PUV80G system.


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